Our Offer


of an authorized supervisor in building law, an authorized site manager, a project manager and technical adviser for electrical power engineering to build:

  • new HV transformer / switching stations and to modernize existing HV transformer / switching stations,
  • MV energy infrastructure and receiving stations for power plants and wind farms,
  • electrical power engineering systems at CHP plants, industrial facilities and environment protection facilities,

We provide, as needed, a verified team of engineers with many years’ experience working on building sites in the fields of ‘whole building’ and installation (these people are authorized across a wide range of areas).
We carry out all of the projects entrusted to us with great commitment.

WE CARRY OUT PROJECTS that require specialized knowledge and many years’ experience in electrical, power engineering and renewable energy systems.


The experience of the design room’s owner and the whole team of engineers involved in the implementation and supervision of large projects has been confirmed by references from established companies in the power engineering industry as well as cubage and commercial objects

  • for our regular Customers – at present, we are implementing projects, supervision, audits, technical consultancy as regards power engineering systems,
  • for new Customers – we suggest meeting to discuss details and present an outline of any potential co-operation between us regarding the power engineering systems we offer or package services if required,
  • for all Customers – we provide professional service by experienced engineers with abilities across a wide range of areas.
WE SUPERVISE PROJECTS on behalf of the Investor, in particular investments requiring specialized knowledge and experience in the building industry and full-range installation.